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Rio Culebra Agricultural Cooperative

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Rio Culebra High Mountain Beef is owned by cattle producers located in the foothills of the beautiful Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range in Costilla County, Colorado. Our cattle are grass-fed, and exceed USDA Grass-Fed Standards. Our producers do not administer antibiotics or growth hormones. Cattle receive no gmo feed and are raised in a humane manner. They are pastured in the mountains and in the high mountain valley meadows, on alfalfa and native grasses. Cattle are harvested between 600 to 900 pounds, and then the carcass is dry aged to enhance flavor and tenderness. The beef is extremely tender and delicious, it as close to veal as you are going to get. Comments from customers are “ It is the best beef I have ever tasted!” “It is so tender!” “You can even cut a round steak with a fork!”
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