Find a Market

Posted: Jun 23 2010 12:00:00:000AM

Market Search queries census data in the following areas: Education, Foreign Born, Household Type, Income, Income by Race, and Race. You can find Market Search by clicking on SEARCH or by doing a quick search as noted above. Click on the Market Search.

At the top of the map that appears, select the Market Type you want and other specific selections that go along with it. Also select if you are searching by County or state. When your selections are complete, click on Map It. A map will appear showing you the results of your query. Note which color has the largest number of people that matches your request. To zoom in closer, you can use the hand tool and mouse wheel or you can click on the box zoom tool and draw a box around the area you want. To select specific census tracts, click on the census tract tool and drag over the census tracts you want to select. You can also use the control key while clicking on desired census tracts.

Census data is calculated to the right of the map. The default census data before any selection is the current states census data. Once you select census tracts, the data calculates those chosen. You can print the census data by clicking Print Census Profile.

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